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The Best, Most Thorough iPhone 5s Review You’ll Ever Read

You may read many reviews of the iPhone 5s, but there’s none better than the one written by Anand Shimpi. Anand takes a scientific approach to review writing, only providing subjective opinions when he has plenty of data to back up his statements. He leaves no stone unturned. If there’s any reviewer you can trust, it’s him; he’s the Roger Ebert of technology reviews.

You should really take some time to read his 13-page review of the iPhone 5s, but here’s one paragraph taken from his “Final Words” section to get you started.

“The iPhone 5s is quite possibly the biggest S-update we’ve ever seen from Apple. I remember walking out of the venue during Apple’s iPhone 5 launch and being blown away by the level of innovation, at the platform/silicon level, that Apple crammed into the iPhone 5. What got me last time was that Apple built their own ARM based CPU architecture from the ground up, while I understand that doesn’t matter for the majority of consumers – it’s no less of an achievement in my eyes. At the same time I remember reading through a sea of disappointment on Twitter – users hoping for more from Apple with the iPhone 5. If you fell into that group last time, there’s no way you’re going to be impressed by the iPhone 5s. For me however, there’s quite a bit to be excited about.”